Murray Grey Cattle & Semen for Sale


Currently, TOTAL POSSIBLE DNA MARKERS AVAILABLE FOR THE TENDERNESS Gene is 6 stars, MARBLING IS 8 stars, FEED EFFICIENCY 8 stars. T= Tenderness gene, M = Marbling gene, and F = Feed Efficiency.

Murray Grey's are known for their gentle nature, ease of calving, and good carcass ratios. Butchers used to pay a premium for Murray Grey carcasses due to the good weight and low trim loss. Great for the direct Grass-Fed sales market. They will add good vigor into your herd and the bulls are good to use on first time heifers as they have small birth weights and lively calves that gain weight fast.






HFW Pelion's King

Ear Tag # B-HFW 17 Pure bred Murray Grey Bull born 9-11-07. HFW Pelion's King

Gene Star scores are a perfect Tenderness score of 6 out of 6 stars and a Marbling score of 4 stars. You are doing good to find 1 or 2 stars for the marbling gene.

HFW Pelion is a great herd bull. He is one of the bulls I'm currently using in my beef program. The genetics of this bull will definitely improve your herd DNA no matter what the breed. Especially if you are raising beef for the consumer and for direct marketing.

Semen was harvested from this dynamic bull when he was a virgin and is available for $30 per straw

We have a shipper tank or use your Vet's shipper tank if you wish. It is recommended that you add insurance for straws.

Discounts on large orders.

HFW Pelion's King DNA Scores from GeneStar. He is animal # 508 on this report. Click to enlarge. Semen is $30 per straw. Order yours today before it is gone or goes up.

Jumbo's Silver Boy. Pure bred registered Murray Grey Bull born 4/26/05

Ear Tag # B-HFW 23 Son of Silver dawn Jumbo, sire, and La Don Pretty Girl, dam. Born 4-26-05. He is a Pure bred registered Murray Grey Bull with a Gene Star DNA score of a perfect 6 stars Tenderness and 1 star Marbling.

He is an excellent and proven herd bull that should improve your herd.

He's priced @$2,450

Ear Tag #B-HFW 19 Pure bred Murray Grey Bull born 10/12/07

This bull was born 10-12-07. His Sire was Rib eye & Dam Sidney. Both the Sire & Dam have DNA scores of a perfect 6 star Tenderness & sire has 2 stars Marbling while the dam had 1 star Marbling. Both excellent scores.

He should make someone an excellent replacement bull.

He's priced @ $ 2,200